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Porcelain tiles V/s Granites – 5 reasons to choose Indian granite flooring over porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles V/s Granites – Well !!! it’s a tough choice to make and totally depends upon its final application , cost of installation , the end results expected out of that installation etc  .

Both of these natural resources have a lot of similarities between themselves and are in used by lot of commercial as well as residential projects all around the world.

Lets us first understand the Granite

Granite technically refers to a light-coloured granulose plutonic rock composed of felspars, plagioclase, quartz (35% approx.) and minor amounts of mafic minerals (45% approx.), such as, biotite, hornblende, pyroxene, iron oxides, etc.

But, in commercial parlance, the term granite has become synonymous with all those crystalline rocks which have pleasing colours, strength to bear the processes of quarrying and cutting & polishing and which are used commonly for decorative purposes.

Being more resistant to wear and tear as well as weathering, granite is most sought-after stone to be used as building as well as decorative stone. The fascination for granite is due to its amenability for taking mirror-like polish, high compressive strength, longevity and aesthetics.

India possesses enormous deposits of all types of dimension stones and is considered as one of the prominent producers of dimension stones in the world. The Dimension Stone Industry employs a workforce of over one million at its various sectors in the country. Granite Industry is valued at $40 billion

Porcelain tiles
view of The Arab League Park ( Parc de la Ligue Arabe ) in Casablanca, Morocco.

Now Lets understand the Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are called high fire material as these tiles are made by exposing clay to searing hot temperatures around 2400 degrees Fahrenheit !! These tiles are strong enough for the outdoor flooring surfaces , It contains no pores at all hence resulting in superior protection against humidity and moisture.

The most common usages of these tiles are as below

Wall tiles

Porcelain tiles can be used for wall tiles in bath-rooms , on accent wall in living room . Porcelain tiles can mimic wood or stone with exceptional realistic visuals perfect wall installations .

Floor tiles

Due to its water proof and pet proof properties these tiles are extremely durable when it comes to floor applications . Apart from durability these tiles are diverse in designs which helps you to achieve your dream floors .

Now Lets understand the Difference and which one is best for you .


While granite tile is natural product and have the natural touch of a mined stone the porcelain tiles misses that .  Granite tiles are cut from large granite slabs taken out from the mother earth’s crust just for you .  Granite is an igneous rock composed mainly of quartz , feldspar and mica . Granite is formed during the decades of composition of these minerals and then it undergoes a method of mining , cutting , and polishing to become a tile . On the other hand the porcelain tiles are made out of a man made process and misses the natural beauty .


Each granite tile is unique in its own way as the same displays the herbal splendor of the stone , displays patterns formed during the composing of ages , veining and specks of various colorations . On the other hand the porcelain tiles / ceramic tiles can mimic the advent of a natural touch that includes natural substances .

Long Life

Granite tiles are well known for its sturdiness , durability and longer life the ceramic tiles . Being a gift directly from the mother nature it is fantastically hard and withstand to stains , scratches , warmth , cold and any other atmospheric challenges . Porcelain tiles are also strong and durable and resistance to moisture and temperatures but has a shorter life span than granite .

Up Keep

Both porcelain and granite tiles requires minimum maintenance . Granite tiles requires ordinary sealing to hold their appearance and protect against stains . Sealing saves your liquids from paving off in the stone . Adequate cleaning with mild soap and water is enough for both porcelain tiles and granites .


Granite tiles being natural product are most commonly way more costlier than porcelain tiles . The cost of granite tiles totally depends on the availability , rarity of the stone , its origin and complexity in quarrying , cutting and making it easy to use . On the other hand porcelain tiles being a systematic building material can be extraordinarily cheaper than granites . Furthermore the huge variety of designs and patterns gives this an upper hand .

Cost of Installation –

Granite being a tough and sturdy material requires specialized tools and talents for installation . On the other hand the porcelain tiles are comparatively much easier to install . Porcelain tiles may be hooked up by the use of widespread tile setup methods simplifying the complete installation process .

Impact on mother nature .

Since granite is a natural resource there is no doubt that it has negative impact on mother nature but accountable quarrying practices and all possible efforts are being done by indian granite exporters to limit the carbon footprints . To view the extractation process of granite please refer this post .

Conclusion .

To conclude we must say that the choice is all yours . If the user is looking for a perfect combination of natural beauty and sturdiness and is willing the have unmatched beauty in his areas and looking for a long last solution then Indian granite should be his choice as per our recommendation . Although the porcelain tiles is a better alternative to indian granite with lower cost .

How to buy Indian Granite ?

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