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Transform Spaces with Indian Black Granite: A Global Buyer’s Handbook with maintenance secrets and types and Applications

Black Granite of India is know for its sturdiness and beauty . In this blog we will explore the various type of black granite of india , its sources and some maintenance tips for our global buyers .

The Sources of Indian Black Granite

India is notorious for its profuse natural stone resources, and black granite is no exclusion. India  is home to a abundant variety of black granite quarries, producing some of the world’s most preferred stones.

The geological diversity in India contributes to the diverse shades and patterns found in black granite.

Major production of granite in raw as well as processed form is generally from Rajasthan , Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

At Rajasthan Granite Export we understand our role as a foremost supplier of natural stones . This places us at the vanguard of embracing the sheer beauty inherent in black indian granite slabs. Within our journey so far of crafting, supplying, and exporting natural stones, the allure of granite slabs stands as an enigma we continually unravel and appreciate.

Maintenance Secrets of Granite Slabs

Maintaining the glint and attraction of granite slabs is an essential task yet simpler . Steady cleaning with a pH-neutral cleaner keeps surfaces immaculate, avoid harsh chemicals to safeguard their natural polish. Sealing the shallow at proper time gaps safeguards against stains, ensuring the long life.

You can use raw water with small amount of mild soap such as detergent or neutral Ph products . Cleaning chemical containing ammonia , bleach , lemon , or vinegar are to be prohibited . Better to use a soft clean sponge to wipe off .

Exploring the applications

Black granite


In both residential and commercial projects, granite slabs offer consummate resilience as flooring material.  High-traffic areas like Hallways, living rooms, and others reap the benefits of Granite’s durability. These granite slabs withstanding heavy foot traffic while retaining their immaculate manifestation.

Kitchen Countertops.

For an everlasting and sturdy countertop that remains as it is for decades, the black stone is the smartest choice. A polished black countertop excels like a mirror and emphasizes everything resting around it. The black granite is an excellent companion for wood cabinetry or light colour design elements. Another great design idea is to match the stone with the kitchen enveloped by stainless steel features. It imparts a advanced look with a combination of steel grey and black.

Outdoor Cladding

Just a raw installation of the black stone on accent walls is sufficient to give a winner feel to even the minimal home decor. The granite can be used on accent walls as well . It outlines a classic backdrop for walls. Black granite displays its beauty incredibly in the aura of daylight. Furthermore, it is a better choice comparatively as it stays strong in daylight, dust and water without any decline to its quality and looks.


Black granite is an ultimate choice for bathrooms as well . It demonstrates to be a perfect choice as it adds a level up of sophistication to your bathrooms . It provides endurance to water, heat, and the humidity .

A God Gift for designers

Its pretty easy for granite slabs to get integrated into miscellaneous design schemes, Let it be a classic one or contemporary doesn’t matter with this stone . It’s a gift by god to designers .

At Rajasthan Granite Export we recognize their versatility and offer an extensive range

of colors and finishes, enabling seamless integration into any aesthetic vision.

A great combo of exquisiteness and intensity

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, granite slabs are winner in terms of sustainability. Being a natural resource it claims environmental-friendly merits, supporting environmentally conscious construction practices. Its intrinsic sustainability aids in stimulating environmentally friendly building standards, while their stability significantly diminishes the necessity for replacements, thus lowering the overall environmental effect.

At Rajasthan Granite Export we take immense pride in presenting the eternal allure of granite slabs. These natural stones represent elegance while requiring slight maintenance. Their exceptional adaptability, durability, and environmental-friendly attributes establish them as continuing favorites within the territory of architectural and design elements.

Types of Black Indian Granite

Absolute Black Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite

Black Pearl Granite

Black Forest Granite

Summing up !

We Rajasthan Granite Exports are a leading manufacturer , supplier and exporter for Indian red granite from India . You can get in touch with our experienced and professional team to buy or have further idea about the same . Have a look to this video on black markino granite extracted from our Kekri Rajasthan quarry .

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