Indian Red Granite

Unveiling the Elegance: 8 Reasons to consider Indian Red Granite for your projects in 2024- Types and Applications

Indian Red Granites are igneous rocks, that means it is formed by the slow manifestation of magma beneath the earth’s surface. India is rich having over 200 shades of granites. India is global leader in export of processed granite products. It is famous for its artistic quality and durability.

Although its very tiring to list them which is better than other but still when it comes to exporting red indian granite we have tried to list a few of them which are highly appreciated by international buyers  .

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  • Asian Top Granite
  • New Imperial Granite
  • Alaska Granite
  • Multicolour Granite
  • Ruby Granite
  • Mungeria Red Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Mungeria Red Granite

Top applications of Indian Granite-

Flooring and Stairs

Indian Red Granite used in flooring .

Paving at outdoor areas

A lot of varieties of granites are highly recommendable for outdoor applications after appropriate surface finishes like horned, tumbles, flamed, or similar anti-skid treatments, etc.

Of course, choosing granite is a bit luxury affair, but the return over time is high. You can get small to big blocks or slabs in your required shapes to construct patterns and bring attraction in your patio paving, walkways, paths, swimming pool decks, façade and many more.

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Kitchen and countertops

Granite stones are the most liked ones when it comes to kitchen countertops in big to small-scale projects. Affluent to middle-class people love to have granite-like impressive dimension stones in their kitchens.

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If you like the mixture of darker and lighter shades in kitchen decoration, White granite countertop, and granite backsplash are brilliant selections.

Indian Granite Curbing

The durability characteristics of granite stone render it a suitable material for curbing stone as well as exterior applications.

Indian Red Granite in Monuments

Many European countries and the American States use granites for tombs graves and monuments as per their customs.

Indian Red Granite as facing Stone

Being a hot color leaves the eye-catching impacts on the onlookers when used as the facing stone for your façade. European countries uses granite for their applications like exterior wall cladding, wall penal cladding, columns, and curbing and many more .

Landscaping with Indian Red Granite

Since India granite is a siliceous type of rocks with high solidity and endurance to sustain in climatic harsh conditions. Thereby, granites have various applications in your landscaping, including outdoor areas and gardens etc .

India granite is a hard-enough to fragment into stone bricks, stone blocks, and stone cobbles of custom sizes & shapes. Indian granites, thanks to its variations in shades, proved its worthiness to create innovative and alluring designs in landscapes ,  Patios, paths, and driveways .

Indian Red Granites in Chipping

Aggregates of indian granite are also named as chipping. Nevertheless, granite gravels are uncommon in nature, but stone aggregates of desired sizes are ample during the quarrying process.

Red granite chipping with other highlighted aggregates demonstrates a distinguishing ornamental element.

If your area is ample in the supply of the red granite chipping, you can lay down the whole walkway or driveway in your garden. It gives attractive collisions when sides have glossy green grass.

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How to buy this elegant stone of india ??

Few states in india like Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Telangana and  Andhra Pradesh have huge reserves but still only 3 % of these total reserves has been explored so far .

We Rajasthan Granite Exports are a leading manufacturer , supplier and exporter for Indian red granite from India . You can get in touch with our experienced and professional team to buy or have further idea about the same .

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